Chapter 5: Renewal

Based on the concept of the 90's separation and renewal theme, I thought of the image of the bridge connecting perhaps two different worlds ... which in many ways Rochester, NY and the NYC area are! But the metaphor ran deeper in that there was a fair amount of family anxiety of even crossing that "bridge" and then five years later when we were faced with the reverse decision. Underneath this was departing my 27 year career with the only company I had ever worked for and now crossing the bridge to an unknown frontier. I chose the Rosman Bridge since at about the midpoint of the 90's one of my favorite movies "Bridges of Madison County '' came out. An interesting subconscious footnote on this I didn't think about until the book was written is that one of the following chapters is titled "The Good, the Bad, The ugly" ... and that is perhaps one of my five all time favorite movies ... and both starring Clint Eastwood!