Chapter 6: The Way

Walking the Camino (defined as "The Way" --- the chapter title) is probably the most significant experience I ever had and now perhaps in a tie with writing this memoir which I anticipate could exceed the Camino as my #1 experience.. It had (has?) the makings of another memoir based on the 100 pg. journal I kept. It provided metaphors for life (e.g. stay in the moment, watch for the markers on the trail, life as journey vs. a destination, the comings and goings of people entering and leaving my life, that nothing is a coincidence, and on and on. It truly has been foundational in my life since. I started walking it 10 days after 9/11 and a little over two weeks after my youngest son and I stayed in the Marriott Twin Towers which crumbled to the ground three days after we were there. The poignancy of that period continues to this day as well as the remembrance of the Afghan bombings which started towards the end of my walk and began a 20 year war we just got out of this year,